3. Context-driven data flowsΒΆ

In FogFlow each worker is an agent to perform the following two type of deployment actions assigned by Topology Master.

  • start/terminate a task instance
  • add/remove an input stream to an existing running task instance

For example, each worker takes the following steps to start a task instance.

  1. the worker asks its local docker engine to create a new container for running the new task instance with a specified listening port number
  2. the task instance starts to run and listening on the given port number to receive input data streams
  3. the worker sends a configuration object to the running task instance via its listening port
  4. the worker issues NGSI10 subscriptions on behalf of the running task instance
  5. the required input data streams flow into the running task instance for further processing via its listening port
  6. the running task instance processes the received input stream data and then generate its result
  7. the running task instance publishes the generated result as its output by sending NGSI10 updates